Composting Guide

In order to keep current with our Green Initiative, we are happy to announce the addition of our Aero-bin composting bins! These bins, located at The Woods at Latimer and Woodlawn Crossing are for the use of all Abodes residents. Why should you compost? This is why:

Human beings produce incredibly large amounts of waste every year, and there is limited space in landfills to hold it all. As such, green processes like recycling and composting have one main objective: They reduce the total amount of solid waste each person produces. If you compost, you’re reducing the amount of garbage being placed in landfills. Compost also produces a potent natural fertilizer you can use in your garden or houseplants that will have less detrimental effects on the environment than its synthetic variants.

*If you are ever unsure on what to compost or not compost, please look it up on the internet first*

What to compost… (break in to small pieces)
Fruit Peels (not limes) and cores
Coffee Grinds and Filters
Corn Husks
Crushed Egg Shells
Vegetable Trimmings and Scraps
Old Bread, Crackers, Grains, Nuts Shells
Tea Leaves and Bagsgs.

What NOT to compost…
Milk Products (incl cheese, yogurt, sour cream, etc)
Meat Products (incl fish, chicken, etc)
Fat, Grease, Oils
Pet Waste
Peanut Butter
Salad Dressings
Ashes, including fireplace ashes

Start your composting habit now by putting the above mentioned items (on left) in the bin by lifting up the top lid. You can use the compost to water your houseplants with the run-off, use the soil for your plants, or grow vegetables in pots on your own deck!