On-Site Composting with Back2Earth

***Coming soon in September 2023***

A unique collaboration between Abodes, 1 Sustainable Joe, the Monroe County Solid Waste Management District and the City of Bloomington

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Did you know that 30-40% of all food produced is thrown away? Food waste is the most common material found in our landfills, and accounts for over 20% of the trash we generate each year.

When food goes to the landfill, the nutrients in the food never return to the soil. The wasted food rots and produces methane, a greenhouse gas 25 times as potent as COat trapping heat in the atmosphere.

Almost all of the food we throw away could be composted instead. Currently, only about 5% of food waste in America is composted. You could help change that…!

Coming soon in 2023 is a first-of-its-kind opportunity to participate in a new style of sustainability right where you are: on-site collective composting with Back2Earth.

Abodes, 1 Sustainable Joe, and the City of Bloomington have teamed up to provide you with everything you need to set the new standard for lower impact, responsible living. If you supply your food waste and collaboration, Abodes will set up the space and convenient access, 1 Sustainable Joe will connect you with the equipment and know-how, and the City of Bloomington will cover the costs to make it all happen.

Working together, we can have an impact on getting organics out of the landfill and producing rich soil for our gardens and landscape. Start thinking about your kitchen scraps, and stay tuned for more details and sign-up opportunities, as we prepare for the launch of a new way to move into the future.


 Send food waste to the landscape, not the landfill.  Learn to Compost, Change your Impact! 


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